America needs to become a place of innovation, where all her citizens can find a stable livelihood, where our next generation don’t have to choose between following their hearts and putting food on the table. Together  we can make this dream a reality.


Jason Sigmon is an entrepreneur, programmer, and candidate for the United States House of Representatives.

He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, before studying at the University of South Carolina and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

It was in Hong Kong where Jason began his career as a founder of a recycling startup dedicated to combating the endemic waste and landfill issues of the city that ranks among the most diverse and densely populated in the world. Jason raised funding from the Hong Kong Government, advised executives on optimizing recycling strategies, and dealt with the pervasive influence of the Chinese mafia.

Jason moved to Dallas four years ago and landed a programming job leading an e-commerce company’s website overhaul. Jason currently works in consulting on both development and strategy projects. He looks forward to putting his unique experience in technology, business, and navigating government bureaucracy to good use. His campaign aims to advocate for the interests of North Texans and ensure the region’s growth benefits everyone.

Imagine an America where your dreams are possible, and the possibilities are endless. An America where your background doesn’t hold you back but is the fuel that powers you forward. That’s the future I want to create for North Texans and all Americans.