Our new America should free Americans from living in the continued fear of crippling medical debt, struggling to find efficient transportation, and having their aspirations suffocated under stagnating wages.

The United States government has handed a virtual monopoly to a handful of corporations that have addicted millions of Americans to opiates and prescription pain-killers. This same government has crowded our prisons with countless addicts in need of rehabilitation to fill the pockets of the private prison industry.

I seek to legalize marijuana and permit our physicians to harness it’s potential as a natural alternative to harsher chemicals in medical applications. I also aim to decriminalize the use of controlled substances and provide their users with opportunities to better themselves and serve their community, rather than contributing tax dollars to have them languish behind a set of steel bars. 

In this country, justice is no longer blind. An individual’s race, gender, and net worth all tip the scales of justice. The rich and famous get off scot-free with their wrongdoings buried, while the poor and disadvantaged are encouraged to take a plea deal by an overworked public defender. We then shackle our neighbors with that crime for the rest of their lives. 

We can stop this continual infringement of human and civil rights, eliminate court fees, and reform the bail system. If you would not want to go through this system yourself, why do we continue to force others through it? We must empower our public defenders to investigate and argue their cases effectively, allowing us to move closer to a system of justice that views everyone equally.

Despite possessing the largest economy in the world and among the highest expenditures on education, American students continually lag behind their foreign counterparts in academic performance. Our 20th-century education system suffers from systemic underfunding, inefficient allocation of existing resources, and stagnating wages for teachers. Despite their pivotal role in the development of young Americans, we force many teachers to choose between supporting their students or their families.I will seek to overhaul this broken system, to give the next generation the tools needed to succeed, and providing those who teach them the recognition and compensation they deserve.

For those sold on the lie that you need a college degree to achieve success, our country has trapped them in student loan debt. Then pushed these same students into shady repayment plans designed to be inescapable. We must get the government out of the student loan business, and ensure college education is affordable for those that want it, but not continue to pretend its a requirement for success. 

America has spent the first part of the 21st century not investing in herself, but fighting wars our leaders do not understand. In our wake, we have left broken countries, soaring deficits, and most distressing a legacy of broken veterans who struggle even to attain the basic healthcare that the government promised to them. It is time to bring our troops home and invest that money in infrastructure and job creation.

Looking ahead, we should not play the role of global cop, but universal connector. We can develop international exchange programs that allow everyone to understand more of the world beyond their backyard. This program will empower future generations to bring back the world’s best ideas and make them even better here in America.

American companies speak of the ideals of freedom and liberty while replacing Americans with immigrants who these companies keep in virtual white-collar slavery. America benefits from a robust immigration system, not one that views internationals as cash cows for our universities, and cheaper labor for our IT departments. We should not allow these companies to dismiss local talent for foreign talent. We also should not accept the excuse that there is no talent in America when many of our companies have never looked outside their bubble or bothered investing in training the next generation.

Fixing our southern border immigration will require a more in-depth strategy beyond building a wall or legalizing everyone who makes it across. We must encourage policy that stabilizes Central American economies and reduces the incentives for illegal immigration.