TLDR: Our education system should focus on raising future leaders capable of tackling world challenges and fully support teachers who provide the resources students need to succeed 


Despite possessing the largest economy in the world and among the highest expenditures on education, American students continually lag behind their foreign counterparts in academic performance. Our 20th-century education system suffers from systemic underfunding, inefficient allocation of existing resources, and stagnating wages for teachers. Despite their pivotal role in the development of young Americans, we force many teachers to choose between supporting their students or their families. I will seek to overhaul this broken system, to give the next generation the tools needed to succeed, and providing those who teach them the recognition and compensation they deserve. 


·     Increase Teacher Pay and Improve Allocation of Resources

Teachers are at the frontline of the battle to create the American dream. Many of them are underpaid and the first thrown under the bus when the state runs out of money. We need to make the teacher recruitment process more competitive and not outsource our education to teachers from 3rd world countries because they are the only ones willing to work for low wages. In many school districts, pay for central administration is twice what a starting teacher makes. Too much money and resources get wasted on burdensome administrative tasks and overpaid contractors that fail to create any tangible benefits for students.


·     End Federal Student Loans

For those sold on the lie that you need a college degree to achieve success, our country has trapped them in student loan debt. Then pushed these same students into shady repayment plans designed to be inescapable. We must get the government out of the student loan business because it encourages schools to continually raise tuition that far outpaces the rate of inflation and saddles students with higher debt levels today than we have ever seen before. Instead, we should move to a revenue share model encouraged by coding schools. University education should have minimal costs, and then graduates share a percentage of their first 2-5 years of income up to a certain amount. We should ensure college education is affordable for those that want it, but not continue to pretend it’s a requirement for success. 


·     Modernize Curriculum

The world we knew from the 1950s heavily influences our educational curriculum, and it no longer exists. Our educational system pumps out future cogs in a wheel, vs. student who can solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Large textbook manufacturers heavily influence this outdated curriculum and force students to pay ridiculous prices. We must train the next generation to have logic-based arguments, communicate with other Americans and cultures, and learn coding to create the tools of tomorrow. We also must restore civics education to enable more Americans to understand theirs and become active participants in their communities.